About us
If you want to change the World - start from yourself!
Welcome to UnicornSoft, your number one source for all things IT-related. We are a fresh new add-on to the software world, ready to thrive and reach the top. Our current mission is to take over Cyprus' IT universe by shooting for the stars and building a creative digital future.
The company's mission is to deliver a stable and enduring future in Europe. What is more, we strive to put forward the leading software that goes hand in hand with prime solutions.

The company's vision is to create a successful, yet safe haven for the upcoming development in Europe. We are built upon European ethics and values that have the highest contribution to the community.

Brand essence is in being this well-balanced and forward-thinking company you would have a pleasure in doing business with.
UnicornSoft's stylish and eco-friendly office is located in the GALACTICA Tower building, Limassol. Two stored building features parking, brand new furniture, cafe with breakfast & lunch buffet, a sports corner, all-inclusive bar on each floor.
Social responsibility. The company has a lot of plans in support of IT education in Cyprus, providing for public schools and universities software, innovative technologies and grants, as a kind of a good motivation for future talents and specialists.
Teamwork. The company offers all the best conditions and opportunities for work with pleasure: brand new office with own cafe and sports corner, social club, career growth, health support, legal advisory, corporate parties and sports venues.
ECO environment. UnicornSoft in cooperation with Green Dot start recycling programme at the office: sorting the paper, the plastic, the glass and all the electrical/electronic devices. If you want changes - start from yourself.
Our team is composed of more than 500 qualified professionals who offer seamless support with their extensive knowledge, meaningful experience, and devotion. We have a pursuit to help accelerate the obtaining of new technologies and solving complex issues that continuously surface throughout the time of digital expansion.

So far, we have been quite successful to which attest more than 30 projects and our satisfied customers. The concept behind our emerging growth is in the admirable, yet ethical approach to the industry. We conduct our business on the foundations of transparency and collaborative benefits.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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